McMinnville Means Business!

Located in the heart of middle Tennessee, one cannot deny the natural beauty of McMinnville and Warren County. That natural beauty is not the only reason so many businesses are looking at McMinnville to expand their operations, or to launch a new business. McMinnville was one of only three Tennessee communities recognized in the 2023 Site Selection Magazine annual publication of the top 100 micropolitains nationwide! 

Our 'McMinnville Means Business' campaign highlights a fresh, purposeful approach aimed at fostering a more resident and business-friendly regulatory environment within the City of McMinnville. Now is an exciting time to harness some of the positive momentum our state is generating and align ourselves with the state's approach to economic growth and development. 

A recent study published by Area Development magazine listed the State of Tennessee as the third-best state in the nation to do business in overall. Additional rankings of note place Tennessee #2 in Energy Availability & Costs, #2 in Cooperative & Responsive State Government, #3 in Overall Cost of Doing Business, and #3 in Water Availability! These accolades should come as no surprise, considering that, among other attractive features, Tennessee has no personal income tax and boasts some of the country's lowest state and local tax rates. The state's overall approach to fostering a pro-business regulatory environment is working.

Bloomberg recently highlighted the rising economic power of Tennessee and the US South as a whole. Florida, Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee — are in the middle of a "$100 billion wealth migration" as the US economic center of gravity tilts south, Bloomberg notes. A flood of transplants helped steer about $100 billion in new income to the Southeast in 2020 and 2021 alone, while the Northeast lost about $60 billion, according to IRS data.

The city's recent strategic plan resulted in six (6) strategic priorities, one of which is economic growth and development. Our plan outlines several strategic initiatives that feed into the overall strategic priority of increasing economic growth and development within the City of McMinnville. These initiatives include the creation of a task force to review our current land use regulations and provide guidance on revised land use regulations, creating land use development and redevelopment plans, creating an economic development marketing strategy, and a tourism plan. The plan also prioritizes improving our existing infrastructure, providing new as needed, and increasing public safety.

Come and do business with us! We mean business here in McMinnville!