Weight Loss Incentive Program

All City of McMinnville Full Time employees will have the opportunity to participate in a Healthy Living Weight Loss Incentive Program.  The objective of this program is to encourage and motivate our employees to live a healthier life style, by offering a weight loss incentive program.

Employees who wish to participate would set a weight loss goal (for example 10 pounds) for the upcoming 12 months. At the end of the 12 months employees who successfully lose weight will be awarded $10 per pound lost up to 20 pounds.  Employees who are already at their BMI target weight will earn $125 for maintaining their weight.

At the completion of each 12 month period employees will be allowed to set a new goal for weight loss, and rejoin the program, even if they are only maintaining their BMI target weight. 

Additional Incentives

  • Departmental Bonus, the employee with the most weight lost in each department (see departmental breakdown) will receive an additional $250 at the end of each year’s event.  There is a ten (10) pound minimum that must be lost to be eligible for the departmental bonus.
  • City Wide Bonus, at the end of the 12 months we will award an extra $250 to the employee  who has lost the most weight, $200 to the 2nd place finisher, and $150 to the 3rd place finisher at the end of each year.  There is a ten (10) pound minimum that must be lost to be eligible for the City wide bonus.





Water – includes water maintenance, waste water treatment plant, water plant

Public Works – includes street/sanitation, garage, urban forestry,

Community Development

Parks & Recreation



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