Community Development Viewer provides an aerial view of property parcels combined with city assets such as water and sewer lines, fire hydrant locations, stormwater features, zoning designation, city limits and much more. 

Prior to September 2016, all GIS related work was done in-house or outsourced, costing the city many thousands of dollars each year. With this new addition to the city, McMinnville will modernize the way it collects, analyzes, shares, and stores information, and it will all be done in-house. This forward-thinking move will save the city thousands of dollars by reducing the amount of money spent on private consultations and man hours. Having accurate data in an easily accessible, easily deciphered way will allow city officials to make better planning decisions, recover lost revenues, and improve response times to citizen requests.

GIS is an acronym for Geographic Information Systems, or Geographic Information Science. A Geographic Information System is a way of managing data. It provides the integration of information from computers, GPS units, archived paper records, and people into one database.  It is highly effective and efficient for managing, storing, editing, and creating new information. With the proper investment, a mature GIS can transform the way a city does business. Geographic Information Science is the study of the principles and methods used to build and manage a GIS.

The City’s GIS is currently in the early stages of development. At this time, maps and tables containing tax records, city limits, property boundaries, zoning information, city streets, aerial imagery, water and sewer lines and stormwater assets can be provided by the Planning & Zoning department.

Goals for this new program include:

-Update zoning map on a continual basis

-Update City Limits on a continual basis to include new annexations

-Update all water department assets on a continual basis

-Public Works assets such as stop lights, street signage, garbage pickup days, sidewalks etc.

-Plans for future development/expansion of Public Works assets

-Provide maps for informational use to the City Website

For questions regarding the City’s GIS initiative, contact:

Nolan Ming
Community Development Director