4th of July Celebration

The 4th of July Celebration is how the city of McMinnville honors all of the brave men and women who have fought for our country since the first Independence Day.  Bring your family downtown on the morning of the fourth of July to learn more about history, enjoy live entertainment, and celebrate.

Event Schedule

6:00 AM   Farmers Market Opens (6-12)
6:30 AM   Stars and Stripes Fun Run Registration Opens
7:00 AM   United First Methodist Church Breakfast Begins (7-10)
7:00 AM   Kids Games Begin (7-10)
7:00 AM   Booths Open (7-12)
7:30 AM   Stars and Stripes Fun Run Begins
8:00 AM   Tae Kwon Do Demonstration
8:00 AM   Face Painting Begins
8:00 AM   Heritage Alliance Museum Opens (8-12)
9:00 AM   Call to Colors, Mayoral Address
9:15 AM   Cemetery Tour Begins
9:30 AM   Pickleball Demonstrations Begins (9:30-12)
9:30 AM   Cross Fit Demonstration
9:30 AM   Frozen T-shirt Contest
9:45 AM   Pet Safety Minute
9:50 AM   50+ foot Watermelon Drop
10:00 AM   Hall of Fame Chalk Drawing Begins (10-12)
10:00 AM   Dance Performances Begin
10:30 AM   Yankee Doodle Parade Begins
11:00 AM   Mr. & Miss Stars and Stripes Pageant Begins
11:15 AM   3 Rusty Nails begins giving away BBQ Sandwiches
12:00 PM   ET plays at the Park Theater
9:00 PM   Fireworks at the Civic Center

Registration Forms for the 37th Annual Stars and Stripes Fun Run and Walk

Register for the Mr. & Miss Stars and Stripes Pageant 
The pageant starts at 11 am.  You may register at the link above or in person on the 4th of July. 

sparkler and an american flag

If you have any questions please contact Kyle Clyde at kclyde@mcminnvilletn.gov.