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If it is hard to find time before or after work to get in your daily workout Lunch Break 30 is for you.  We will now be offering 4 different classes in the middle of the day so that you can get in get out and not have to spend extra time away from your family.  These new classes will begin on January 14th. 
Mondays @ 11:45- 12:15 PM  Cycle30
Wednesdays @ 11:45- 12:15 PM Barre 30
Thursdays @ 11:45- 12:15 PM Strong 30
Fridays @ 11:45- 12:15 PM Step 30
Instructors:  Mari-Lynn Wilson and Jessica Hines

Come experience an addictive workout that challenges all your major muscle groups by using weight room exercises such as squats, presses, lifts, and pushups.  This breakthrough in fitness training focuses on high repetition movements with low weight loads.
Instructor: Jessica Hines
Mondays & Wednesdays @ 8:05 AM 

This is a high intensity class with quick results. Though it is designed to focus on muscle strengthening and toning, you will also receive an excellent cardiovascular workout! This class is designed to go at your own pace, making it a good workout for both the beginner and experienced stepper.
Instructors: Jileen McGregor and Melodye Zahn
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5:30 PM

Would you like to pedal your way to a healthier life? If so, then a cycling class may be right for you. Combine energizing music with a unique workout class and you get a GREAT workout with powerful results. Cycling exercise classes can strengthen your heart and lungs, burn calories, lower total cholesterol, and decrease stress. Go ahead and get your heart pumping!
Instructors: Melodye Zahn and Tommy Kell
Mondays & Thursdays @ 5:30 PM


This class is designed to target ALL muscle groups, so naturally the results are great muscle toning! Using light weights, you can work at your own pace, making this ideal for both the beginner and more experienced!
Instructor: Jileen McGregor
Mondays @ 6:45 PM

A 60 minute class devoted entirely to tightening, firming, and sculpting -Glutes and Abs!!  Throw in an aerobic component and you have a great class. Good for both beginner and expert.
Instructor: Jileen McGregor
Mondays @ 5:30 PM

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That's exactly what the Zumba program is all about. It's an exhilarating, effective, easy to follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Ditch the workout, join the party!

Instructors: Melodye Zahn, Elvira Ponce, and Jessica Hines
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6:45 PM
Tuesdays & Fridays @ 8:05 AM

Offered for both children and adults, you will learn the essentials of boxing by using heavy bags, speed bags, etc. Great cardiovascular and muscle training!

Instructor: Ray Bishop
Mondays & Thursdays @ 5:30 & 6:45 PM

This class will provide participants with an intense workout for the stubborn torso areas while focusing on toning and strengthening the body's core abdominal and back muscles.
Instructor: Jileen McGregor 
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 8:15 AM

Mind body class to increase strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance.  All levels are welcome.
Instructor: Candice Rowland
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 4:00 PM 

Water Aerobics begin the Tuesday after Memorial day and end on Labor Day. Come out to the Gilley Pool to enjoy a refreshing, low impact workout in the water!
Price is $4.00 per person.
Instructor: Jileen McGregor
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays @ 9:00 AM

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