Baseball Bats


The official bat shall be a smooth round cylinder with a knob that is permanently and securely fastened, the bat shall not exceed more than 2 ¾ inches in diameter at the thickest part, and must be no longer than 36 inches. There shall be no devices, attachments, or wrappings that cause the handle to become flush with the knob. Molded grips are illegal. Only bats and devices designed to remain part of the bat such as weighted bats, batting doughnuts, and wind-resistant devices are legal at any location. A non- wood bat must have a safety grip of cork, tape, or composition material. The grip must extend a minimum of 10 inches but not more than 18 inches. Slippery tape or similar material are prohibited.  bats

All legal bats are permitted to be used which includes the use of the big barrel bats in all divisions of BPA play.

No laminated or experimental bats shall be used in the BPA Baseball Program, until the manufacturer has secured approval from the BPA Baseball National Office of its design and methods of manufacture.

Any bat designated by the manufacture for sports other than baseball may not be used.

CUPPED/BROKEN, CRACKED BATS:  An indentation in the end of the bat up to one inch in depth is permitted and may be no wider than two inches and no less than one inch in diameter.  The indentation must be curved with no foreign substance added. Bats that are broken, cracked or dented or deface the ball (tear the ball) shall be removed without penalty. A bat that continually discolors the ball may be removed from the game with no penalty at the discretion of the umpire.

The bat handle, not more than 18 inches from its end, may be covered or treated with any material or substance which improves the grip.  A bat choke may be used on the handle of the bat which would not make it an altered bat. Any such material or substance, which extends past the 18 inches limitation, shall cause the bat to be removed from the game.

Softball Bats


All bat companies listed below are approved bat companies. No Bat will be approved for play unless manufactured by one of the companies listed below.   

  Anderson Bat Company  
  Baden Sports
  Boombah, Inc.
  BPS Diamond Sports, Inc. (Combat Sports)
  Clearview Systems, Inc. (Rip-It Sports) 
  Easton Sports, Inc.
  Louisville Slugger

  Miken Sports
  Mizuno USA
  Monsta Athletics
  Rawlings Sporting Goods-Worth Sports
  Rude American Bat Company

For more insight on purchasing a bat for your player please visit the website listed below:


baseballThe official baseball shall be a sphere formed by yarn wound around a small core of
cork, rubber, leather or similar material, covered with two strips of white horsehide, leather, cowhide, or synthetic material tightly stitched together. It shall weigh not less than five nor more than 5 ¼ ounces and measure not less than 9 nor more than 9 ¼ inches in circumference. MYBS will use a variety of companies for our league balls to include Rawlings, Worth, and Diamond baseballs.



The official softball for our Girl's Fast Pitch League is the Worth 11" ASA Dream Seam Pro Leather Fast Pitch Softball with Pro Leather Cover- .47 COR- 375 lbs- 88 Red Stitch- High-Density Cork Core. It shall be a raised-seamed, concealed-stitched or flat-surfaced ball.  The cover of the ball shall be optic yellow in color.

   The Worth RIF 10 is the official softball for our Girls Coach Pitch Rookie League for girls ages 7-8-9. RIF balls are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for players under age 10. Great for reducing the fear of ball impact, they reduce the risk of injury while not changing the game. Meets NOCSAE Standards Model #: SR10RYSA- 10"- ProTac Cover- .47 COR- Level RIF 1- 88 Red Stitch- Soft Center NOCSAE Level 1. The cover of the ball shall be optic yellow in color.


The official ball for all of our tee ball leagues is the Markwort Youth 9" STB9-SB Safe-T-Ball. This baseball weighs only 3.5 oz. (that's 1.5 oz. lighter than a traditional 5 oz. hardball), has the look and feel of a real baseball and plays identical to a traditional baseball. It has a syntex cover, rubber hollow core, and stitching. Designed with a patented hollow-core, the Safe-T-Ball absorbs some of the force of impact so younger players can play without the fear of being hurt from a traditional ball. Kids build confidence without the fear of being hurt.  

Batting Helmets

MYBS will provide enough batting helmets for each team, but players are encouraged to provide their own helmet because they will typically have a better fit. If a player provides their own helmet they must bear the NOCSAE stamp and it is mandatory for each batter, on-deck batter, and all runners to wear while in play. The batting helmets worn by each of these individuals must have extended earflaps that cover both ears and temples. It is recommended that younger and less experienced players wear the protective facemask while at bat and running the bases (this is suggested, but is not required).


MYBS strongly recommends wearing protective mouthpieces while in the field of play in all divisions.  The use of mouthpieces will be left to the discretion of the coaches and parents.