Coaching Tee Ball

New To Coaching Tee Ball? What to Expect…teeball

How to coach tee ball can be summed up in four words, relax and have fun. Most tee ball coaches are coaching a sport for the first time, and of course are a little nervous. Does that sound like you? You probably have never coached anything before and are searching to find out what all is involved with how to coach tee ball.
Well, guess what? Most tee ball players and parents are also participating in an organized sport for the first time.They are in the same boat as you. Everyone is eager to begin, but full of questions and concerns.

So if you are on the fence trying to decide if you are ready to take on coaching tee ball, let us assure you everything will be ok. Just say yes and take the job.If you have not had your first tee ball practice yet, let us prepare you. Many of your players will show up not knowing which hand their glove goes on. But they will be ahead of the few who show up with no glove.

Tee ball should be pressure free. Your three goals for your tee ball team should be, and in this order; be safe, have fun, and teach the very basics of baseball. How to coach tee ball is all about following those three goals.
If you follow those three goals and communicate with your parents about everything, then your season should be a huge success.

Meet the Parents

We have a pretty simple philosophy..."win the parents over and you will have a great season!". There will be ten to twelve new families wanting to meet you and it is a good possibility that you will be their child’s first coach in an organized sport. Sounds like pressure, but it really isn’t. They just want to find a coach who doesn’t yell at their child.

At your first practice put your assistant coaches in charge of starting your practice by simply playing catch with the kids. Parents are going to want to meet you at the first practice. This is a good time to explain your philosophy, ground rules, and what you hope to accomplish.  At most practices parents will have some kind of information they want to pass along to you. Either Johnny has to leave early or they are going on vacation in two weeks and will miss the first game.  

Tee ball drills are about the basics. You will probably find that half your players have no idea how to throw a ball. This is a good place to have your assistants assist you in teaching the players how to step and throw.

Find Assistant Coaches

Try to line up a few assistant coaches before the first practice, they will be invaluable in helping you keep “orderly chaos”. Sometimes tee ball practices and games may sometimes feel like the equivalent of “trying to keep jello nailed to a tree”…impossible, but fun to try!

Your First T Ball Practice

You may not accomplish as many things at your first practice as you hope. That’s OK…keep it fun!!
Many of your players may not have started school yet. This could be the first time they have had to take instructions from someone other than a parent or grandparent. So take it slow, keep your drills simple and explain everything as you go. Remember, kids this age have a very short attention span so keep your drills short and keep all the kids engaged. Kids are also visual learners so show them how to do what you are trying to teach. Coaching tee ball can be a very rewarding experience. So, take a big deep breath, exhale and enjoy yourself!

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