To All MYBS Parents and Adults visiting our website, we welcome you and hope that you have the same goal for your child that we do…and that is for them to have a great time making new friends, getting exercise and building many great memories that will last a lifetime!

You will notice as you navigate through the parents section of the website that we are very concerned about your child’s well-being and their experience in MYBS. We believe the attitude that you show will have more of an impact on them than any other single factor. If you are enjoying yourself and maintain an attitude of good sportsmanship and respect, your child will show a similar attitude.

YOU are the role model they will follow. Please read through our parents Code of Conduct and Expectations of Parents. We take these very seriously. We have also included a few videos for you to view to see why we have set these guidelines in place and what can easily happen when parents lose control.

We have included many items that will assist you in understanding more about our league like age eligibility, equipment, concussion awareness, etc.

Please encourage your kids to view the videos on the player’s page and take them outside and work on these things with them even before the season begins. You will be amazed how much kids open up and talk about anything and everything when you’re outside playing with them…these become a tremendous bonding opportunity that you might not otherwise get!

Your child’s success or lack of success in sports
does not indicate what kind of parent you are.

But, having an athlete that is coachable,
respectful, a great teammate,
mentally tough, resilient and tries their best
IS a direct reflection of your parenting