The Lot

For more information, please call 931.473.1212

The Downtown Lot, located across from the Warren County courthouse in Downtown McMinnville, is a city facility managed by the McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department, designed originally for agricultural use and for the sale of local, non commercial goods.  Today the lot is used for many events such as weddings, organizational banquets, and downtown concerts.

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The Lot is available for rental between the hours of 8:00 AM and 1:00 AM.
The rental fee for this facility is $100.00 + a refundable $100.00 Security Deposit and is due at the time of reservation. The Security deposit will be refunded if the facilities are properly cleaned and undamaged when returned to the City.

Rental includes use of the Lot and the public parking areas. Electricity must be arranged.

You must go to the Milner Recreation Center and pay the full rental fee in order to reserve this facility.