Operations Division

patchThe Operations Division is responsible for patrolling more than 11 square miles of the city limits, which is divided into four geographical zones. The division is commanded by Chief Nichole Mosley and consists of four shifts. Each shift is supervised by a Lieutenant, who is assisted in supervisory duties by a Sergeant.

A SHIFT - Under the direction of Lt. Lisa Norris and Sgt. Justin Shrum

B SHIFT - Under the direction of Lt. Ben Cantrell and Sgt. Brad Hall

C SHIFT - Under the direction of Lt. Bobby Anderson and Sgt. Brian Holt

D SHIFT - Under the direction of Lt. Paul Springer and Sgt. Matt Stubblefield

There are currently 29 allocated uniformed positions. Each shift is trained and equipped to meet the needs of the citizens of McMinnville. The Operations Division is the most visible unit of the Police Department answering an average of 1900 calls for service, making 100 arrests, issuing 400 citations and investigating 60 traffic accidents per month. Combined, there are almost 213 years of experience among the command staff of the operations division.

The Operations Division maintains a fleet of marked units that are assigned to officers as take home cars, provided the officer lives in Warren County. The benefits of assigned take home cars include: higher police visibility, quicker response time in the event of a major incident, and extended life of the unit with lower maintenance costs.

Adm. Lt. Bill Davis acts as liaison from Operations Division to the Chief of Police. Adm. Lt. Davis also assists in technology matters involving the department's software.