Animal Control


                                                                           1266 Belmont Drive

     McMinnville Animal Control promotes responsible pet ownership and helps prevent the spread of animal borne diseases. David Denton They also enforce animal control ordinances as well as investigate animal cruelty and neglect.  Animal Control protects the public from nuisance animals running at large and provides temporary shelter for stray, unwanted or homeless animals.  They offer pets for adoption for a fee of $75.00 ($25.00 adoption fee plus $50.00 spay or neuter).  If an animal has previously been spayed or neutered, the $50.oo spay or neuter fee will be waived.  Once proof of spay or neuter from a veterinarian is presented, the $50.00 portion of the adoption fee will be returned to the person who adopted the animal, if the spay or neuter is completed within 45 days from the date of adoption.

     Is your pet lost?  We seek to reunite pet owners with their lost pets.  Please stop by immediately after you realize your pet is lost!  We can discuss with you what we will need for a happy reunion.  The only way to be certain if your pet is at our shelter is to come see for yourself, in person.

     Remember that a collar and a tag is your pet's best way of being reunited with you quickly!  If your pet gets out of every collar tried, you might consider micro-chipping.

                                            Rabies vaccinations are required by law!