Homeowner Requirments

  • Please place cart at least 4 feet from any tree, pole, mailbox, fire hydrant, etc., and at least 10 feet away from any cars parked in the street.
  • If you lean anything against the container, it cannot be lifted for emptying.
  • Remember to place the arrow on the lid of the container toward the street, and the handle toward the house.
  • Do not drag the cart when moving it. Tilt and roll it with the lid closed.
  • Keep the lid closed at all times.
  • Store the cart in the backyard, garage, or other convenient location.
  • Do not store it near a fireplace, furnace, grill, or other heat source. Clean the cart periodically with water.
  • Do not place hot ashes, solvents, paints, or other flammable liquids in the cart.
  • Do not use the cart to hold hazardous materials such as: deceased animals, chemicals, oils, liquids, medical waste, exposed needles, used bandages, etc.
  • Do not place dirt, rocks, limbs, or building materials in the cart.
  • Do not overfill the cart to the extent the lid will not fully close. If the lid is not fully closed, trash will spill onto the road so the container will not be emptied.
  • Do not allow children to play in or near the cart.


     Each cart belongs to the City of McMinnville and has been embossed with a serial number which is assigned to the street address. The cart remains with the address in the event resident moves.