Mayor Jimmy Haley

These are exciting times for our city. With an improving economy comes new opportunities for expanding city services and mayorimproving the quality of life for McMinnville citizens.

Renewed interest in economic development has created new jobs. Our emerging musical venues have spurred a flood of tourists into our area.

Networking with the County, the IDB, the Chamber of Commerce and Main Street McMinnville has resulted in new job opportunities and several new business ventures.

With the Park Theatre Project, the Recreational Tourism District designation, and Blue Grass Underground gaining national attention, the city is laying the foundation for a brighter future.

For a small town, we have all the essential amenities at an affordable cost to our citizens. Our central location and natural beauty make us a great get-away place.

I love this city and see great promise in the direction we are headed. We are pursuing a progressive agenda that will allow for growth, diversification and prosperity without compromising our small- town atmosphere. So whether for a day...or a life time, I welcome you to come grow with us.