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A Healthy Tomorrow Begins Today

Employee Wellness Program

The City of McMinnville is committed to providing competitive pay and benefits to our employees. A Healthy Tomorrow Begins Today demonstrates our commitment. The goal of the program is to help employees become involved in their own health and to help them develop healthy lifestyle habits. The overall success of the City of McMinnville is largely dependent upon employees who work for the City of McMinnville. If we reach our goal of helping each employee become healthier and more productive, the City of McMinnville will be more productive and one step closer to being all that it can be!

Program Overview

wellnessOver the past decade, the City of McMinnville has recognized the growing increase in healthcare costs and has become proactive in looking for new ways to combat rising costs. Beginning in early 2007, plans were initiated by the City of McMinnville Administration to develop an employee wellness program. Our hope was to increase employee health awareness, encourage employee responsibility, and improve morale. After much work and preparation, an employee wellness program was finalized in the fall of 2007 with final program approval in December of 2007.

In the spring of 2008, the City of McMinnville’s A Healthy Tomorrow Begins Today Employee Wellness Program was launched! The intention of the program is to improve employee morale and create opportunities for employees to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The City of McMinnville employees are rewarded based on their activities that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Members of the program keep track of their exercise habits, health screenings, program participation and much more through tracking forms and participation logs. Tracking forms are to be submitted by the employee on a regular basis. Activities are reviewed and points are awarded. Members earn points and rewards throughout the program year for various levels of rewards.

The City of McMinnville recognizes that for many individuals the concept of wellness has traditionally only focused on fitness and nutrition. The Healthy Tomorrow Begins Today program strives to include educational opportunities for all aspects of wellness, including: emotional, intellectual, physical, environmental, social, occupational, and spiritual wellness. In addition, we actively partner with individuals, companies and community health care providers to provide an all encompassing program. We are committed to giving employees a quality wellness program. Our hope is that the City of McMinnville employees are more aware and more proactive in their lifestyle choices!