The creation, approval, and execution of the operating budget is one of the most important policy and financial decisions the City of McMinnville is tasked with annually. The City of McMinnville adheres to the guidance and principles for budgeting set forth by the Government Finance Officer's Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada. Specifically, we believe that a budget should be:
  •  A Policy Document
  • An Operations Guide
  • A Financial Plan
  • A Communications Device
In fact, one of our Strategic Priorities for 2023-2026 is increasing and maintaining financial security. This will be done by identifying and adopting GFOA recommendations regarding minimal financial ratios to maintain and ensuring that our finances are transparent internally and externally. As we work towards redesigning our budget and financial processes and policies to achieve these objectives, we will employ new tools, such as Balancing Act, to increase transparency and understanding of how the City of McMinnville is utilizing taxpayer dollars. Balancing Act consists of two unique features.

The first is Simulate, which will help us share information with residents about our budget and provide education on key financial issues, receive informed input to help us make the tough choices that are necessary to balance our budget and let residents experience the same constraints that we face. We believe that Simulate is a great way to communicate financial information to residents and get their informed feedback. This will supplement our traditional static citizen-facing budgets and other PDFs with a much more powerful learning tool.

Click HERE to see Balancing Act and an interactive version of our current approved budget (23/24). 

The second is Taxpayer Receipt, which will estimate taxes paid, and then shows individuals where their tax dollars go. It is an easy, effective way to demonstrate to residents that their money is being put to good use. Residents anonymously input data to generate a customized estimate of taxes paid.

Click HERE to see your estimated taxpayer receipt.

For a pdf copy of the 23/24 approved budget, click HERE.