Police Physical Agility Examination

The City of McMinnville is committed to the safety and well being of our employees.  The City of McMinnville is proud to participate in physical agility examinations for our police and fire departments.  In 2012 it was decided to model the police department's "job related" physical agility examination after the one Oregon State Police use.  All accepted candidates must pass before being allowed to proceed thru the hiring process.  Since 2016 our employees have been required to pass this testing yearly. 

Our examination process consists of 3 sections.  The 1st section being an obstacle course.  Employees have 5.5 minutes to make 6 laps thru the obstacle course.  Missing targets throughout the course adds time to the final recorded time.  Click here to view the obstacle course.

The 2nd part is the simulation of a struggle.  A 25 lb weight is added to the simulation machine.  Six rotations each way are made by both pushing and pulling on the simulation machine.  In between the rotation of push vs. pull there is a series of simulated "falls" forward and backwards that is made.  This is not a timed event, this section of the examination is pass/fail.  Click here to view the simulated struggle part.

The 3rd and final section of the examination is the victim drag.  Employees must drag a 165 lbs dummy 25 feet.  Click here to view the victim drag.  This is not a timed event, this section of the examination is pass/fail.

** There is a two minute rest period between each section